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Is marking in the house a behavioral issue or a potty training issue?
My dog has started eating poop.  Why would he start doing this and how do I stop him?
Often times we treat marking as a potty training issue when in fact it is often times a behavioral issue.  If your dog is marking in the house it is often indicative of an imbalanced mind.  They may be dominant, insecure, or fearful and just trying to keep others out.  Balance the dog and the issue often resolves itself.  
My dog has started eating rocks.  Why has he started eating rocks and what can I do about it?
If your dog has started eating their poop this is often a sign they are lacking protein in their diet.  Have you changed their diet recently?  Maybe gone from puppy to adult food?  if so, transition back to puppy food and wean them off slowly and this will often resolve this issue.  
My dog mounts all the dogs at the dog park.  Is he horny or is this from something else?
Usually when a dog starts eating rocks it is from a vitamin or mineral deficiency.  Try giving them a general multivitamin and see if this helps.  If you have more detailed questions please consult your veterinarian.  
How many trainings will it take to curb some of these behaviors?
Most of the time when a dog mounts another dog it is for dominance reasons.  In the animal world power and control is important.  A dog may mount another to assert dominance becuase they are dominant, or to make them feel powerful if they are insecure.  We should correct this behavior.  
That depends on a few factors, such as:
  • How deep rooted are these behaviors (going on for years?)
  • How consistent are the humans being in the house?
  • Are we keeping up with the training and following through with what were doing?
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