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Services Offered 

Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is something that many of our four legged friends suffer from.  It is important to understand there are many different types of aggression, such as fear aggression, dominance aggression, possessive aggression, food aggression etc. and depending what type of aggression they have, will determine how we will address the issue.  If your pooch has aggression you will want to get a trainer out to assess the issue right away.  Take precautions for liability purposes to prevent any potential bites that could lead to vet/doctor bills, litigation, or euthanasia.  


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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Through domestication our furry friends often times allow their curiosity to override their instincts to stay away from potentially dangerous things, like rattlesnakes.  Many pooches will walk right up to a snake to take a sniff and WHACK!  Rattlesnake bites are fatal in about 20% of  dogs and can lead to thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.  Teach your dog to stay away from rattlesnakes by running them through Perfect Pooch's Rattlesnake Avoidance Course.  In this course you will learn about rattlensakes, how to avoid them, what to do if you come across them, and snake identification in the rattlesnake educational.  Then YOU will get to walk your dog up to the snake.  We will use a harmless electonic stimualation to make the experience of meeting a rattlesnake so unpleasant that they won't ever want to interact with one again.  This course also includes a revisit where you will get to walk your dog past the snake again to ensure they retained the lesson.  

This is the only course where YOU get to walk your dog up to the snake and partake in the training and we have fantastic prices.  Call for details and schedule your session today!  (We do use live rattlesnakes).  

Group Obedience
Group Obedience Classes
Group obedience classes are a great way to spend time with your dog while learning the basics such as: sit, down, stay, walking on a leash, leave it, coming when called, and more!  Group classes are also a great way to socialize your pooch.  If they are young and need to learn how to act around other dogs, or if they are adults and are a little anti-social, group classes are the way to go.  The classes are six weeks long and are once a week for about an hour, same time every week.  The classes are taught through the City of Tempe at their dog parks and the Pet Planet in Mesa.  We teach at Papago Park and Tempe Sports Complex in Tempe, and in the store at Pet Planet.  We offer Basic Obedience Classes, which covers all your basics as listed above, Intermediate Classes, which takes everything we learned in Basic to the next level (focusing on the "Heel," "Urgent Come," "Overcoming Distractions," etc.) and we officer Advanced Classes where we introduce the dogs to the clicker and teach them fun tricks like the army crawl, how to wave, jump through hoops and more!  Classes are fun and interactive and start every month so sign up today!  Check the listings here for starting dates and sign up with Tempe through Tempe Parks and Recreation or call them at (480) 350-5112, and through our registration link next to the classes listed below.  For Pet Planet, just sign up below.  Both classes will need our registration form completed which can be found  here, or at the top of every page under "Client Registration Form".  

Class Schedle

***Download the Client Registration Form and open it with a PDF viewer to sign digitally*** 

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Teaching Locations

Papago Dog Park -

1000 N College Ave. Tempe AZ

(College / Curry)

Tempe Sports Complex Dog Park -

8403 S. Hardy Dr. Tempe AZ

(S. Hardy Dr.  /  W. Carver Rd.  just east)

Pet Planet in Mesa- 

2910 N. Power Rd. Mesa AZ 85215

(Power / McDowell)

Please pre-register for class.  If minimum amount of students isn't met 24 hours before class, the class will be postponed or cancelled.

Private In-Home Training

Looking for something a little more private?  Sign up for our in-home private training where we can work on anything you're struggling within the comfort of your own home.  Work on managing all types of aggression, fears, phobias, learn how to control an unruly dog, work on Basic Obedience, or learn the basics of raising a puppy with our 2 hour in-home Puppy 101 class.  Initial classes run two hours and follow up are typically just an hour; call for more information.  Classes are at an hourly rate plus any applicable travel fees which can be found on the Travel Fee Page.  In-home trainings are currently offered on Saturdays throughout the day and are based on availability.  So, call today and reserve your time slot for in-home private training.   

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