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"All good. Seriously, ALL GOOD! 2-hour session of tons of fully practical information, advice and hands-on training with our dog. I am pretty much a cheapskate. But the fee that Perfect Pooch charged me was worth every single penny, and I would do it again in a New York minute, it was that valuable to us."
-Dave C.

"If you have dog problems, call Rich at Perfect Pooch. You need look no further to find a "Perfect" trainer. We were getting nowhere with our two nine month old pups. They are adorable but one of them barked at everything and was very hesitant and fearful, and that was rubbing off on the other puppy. We had to repeat ourselves over and over to get them to listen, and that didn't always work. After training us on how to train our dogs, Rich had them doing things I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. One of the exercises was to put treats on the floor and keep them from pouncing on them. He was so gentle, but in full command, they sat and waited until he allowed them to get the treats! He showed us what we were doing wrong and how to do it right. The results were immediate. So many people give up on their pets when all that is needed is a little loving training. Call Rich to show you how it's done."
-Tom & Sue

"Rich was great! Freddy was effectively shown who is "boss". His behavior modification is complete. We are working to reinforce all the good procedures Rich taught us. I highly recommend Rich to all dog owners who need help with solving their pooch's problems."

"Exceeded our expectations. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with and follow. Precise, clear instructions and we were amazed at the immediate results."

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Find a recommendation here from Scott, a prior military dog handler, who used Perfect Pooch to help with his newest pack member.

Here are some things people have had to say about Perfect Pooch.  If you have had a memorable experience with one of our trainers, please leave a comment and share your experience!  Thank you for taking the time to read these comments and thank you so much for leaving a comment about your experience.   

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