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Ratlesnake info
Rattlesnake Avoidance Training
Don't just trust any "dog trainer" to conduct aversion training with your dog.  Perfect Pooch only uses our dog behaviorists to run this course.     


Through domestication our furry friends often times allow their curiosity to override their instincts to stay away from potentially dangerous things, like rattlesnakes.  Many pooches will walk right up to a snake to take a sniff and WHACK!  Rattlesnake bites are fatal in about 20% of  dogs and can lead to thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.  Teach your dog to stay away from rattlesnakes by running them through Perfect Pooch's Rattlesnake Avoidance Course.  This course is designed to build an awareness that Rattlesnakes are bad and to stay away from them.  During our training, you will be with your dog the entire time and will get the option to play the important role of being their handler during the snake encounter; this is unique to Perfect Pooch where we believe in having the owners be a part of the training.  


In this course you will get the option of a rattlesnake educational which will teach you about rattlensakes, how to avoid them and what to do if you come across them.  Then YOU will get to walk your dog passed to the snake.  We will use an electonic stimualation through a collar to make the experience of meeting a rattlesnake unpleasant enough that they won't ever want to interact with one again.  This course also includes a revisit that same calendar year, where you will get to walk your dog passed the snake again to ensure they retained the lesson.  This is the only course where YOU get to walk your dog up to the snake and partake in the training and we have the best prices.  Call for details and schedule your session today!  Live rattlesnakes are used in this training.


We offer a couple different services.  We have "Open Rattlesnake Training" where we set up in an area with desert landscaping for an allotted amount of time.  You come to us and run your dog past the snake.  This gives you the discounted rate of only $125/dog in the group setting.  We offer these trainings every few weeks from April through October (weather permitting).  Check the home page for dates and times.  You can also come for a 1-time Refresher (if you have gone through our course in the past) which is only $80/dog.    


Another option is to set up a private session.  For a private session this is $150/dog plus applicable travel fees as we come to you.


The third option is to set up a private session where we come to you with 6 or more dogs.  This will give you the discounted group rate of $125/dog and you can split any applicable travel fees among the group.  For these trainings there will be two travel fees, one for the initial visit and one for the revisit. Clients have the option to show up to an open training for the revisit to avoid the second travel fee.  


*Training include an optional rattlesnake educational where you learn about rattlesnakes, their venom, how to avoid them, and what to do if you come across them.  You get to run your dog passed the snake, and you get a free revisit for that calendar year .  You can come to any of the open snake trainings and run your dog passed the snake again for the revisit.  Check our Home Page for Open Rattlesnake Trainings and other Perfect Pooch events coming up.

To book your training, click HERE.


Disclaimer:  Live rattlesnakes are used in this training.  This course cannot guarantee your dog won't be bitten by a rattlesnake in the future, after the training.  Yearly refreshers are recommended.  People know rattlesnakes are dangerous, but still get bitten every year, and dogs who aren't paying attention may have the same fate.  This course is designed to increase dogs' awareness using the sight, sound, and smell of a live rattlesnake to avoid future encounters. 

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