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Dog Training

Perfet Pooch Established in 2010

Rich started dog training in 2000 for a large corporation where he taught group obedience classes.  He left that company in 2003 and continued to teach privately.  Realizing there was a large need for behavioral modification, and knowing that obedience training does not resolve behavioral issues, he began to research dog behavior and behavioral modification and started to incorporate it into his training.  After several years of learning about dogs and their behavior and bringing these tactics into his training, he now primarily works on behavioral modification specializing in aggression, fears, phobias, anxiety, and dogs that are just plain out of control.  Rich has learned that in order to change a pooch's behavior, it starts with their humans.  Lots of what is done in these trainings is educating the owners on what their role is in the pack, focusing on the dog's mindset, and teaching the humans how to change their behavior, so we can in-turn modify their pooch's.   

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