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Dogs with Rich!

Check out our new Youtube channel with our behaviorist Rich!  We have videos about dog related things, training, behavior, etc. that are 5 minutes or less!  Click here for a link to our videos!

Next Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Sessions

Tentatively Scheduled for October 31st, 

2020 at 12pm.  This is dependant on the weather, if it is too cold we will have to cancel.  Please visit back for updates or call/text us.


4150 E. Virginia St. Mesa AZ 

(Mesa, AZ)
Call with any questions.

Behavioral Modification
We work with all types of behavioral issues from aggression, to fears and phobias, dogs that are out of control, and everything in between.

In-Home Private Training
We offer in-home private training where we can work on any issues you are having from behaviroal issues to general obedience.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training
 Rattlesnakes can kill your beloved pooch and cost you thousands in vet bills.  Teach them to stay away from  them!  

Group Obedience
We teach group obedience classes through the City of Tempe and at their dog parks and at Pet Planet in Mesa (Power/McDowell).  Sign up through their parks and Rec Centers.

Tempe Classes

Pet Planet (Mesa)                       (480) 390-0258                                                       In Home Training Available